Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Trio - eLab Test Issues

Development Update: Fixes were made to three issues that were reported in October. We believe that all have been corrected, but if you notice any irregularities in your course, please contact us at help@labyrinthelab.com. The issues fixed were as follows:
  1. New Office 2010 Simulation Questions. After a student completed a test and viewed the results, the report mistakenly indicated that the simulation questions were Not Answered and the student was given 0 points for that question.

  2. Simulation or Hotspot Questions. When instructors edited a quiz, test settings that were previously set to Full Credit were mistakenly being reset to Partial Credit. If the instructor did not notice that the setting had been changed, students were only given partial credit for the simulation and hotspot questions.

  3. Update Points Feature. A bug was detected with the ‘Update Points’ feature in Step 3 of the test creation process that triggered several other problems:
    • When an instructor created a new test or edited a Concept Review Quiz and then changed the points for each question type using the ‘Update Points’ feature, the Total Points for the test/quiz did not update correctly. In addition, when the instructor viewed the Test Information in the View Results tab for a particular test or quiz, the Max Possible Points row showed dashes (---).
    • When a student completed the test/quiz, the maximum points possible was incorrectly set at 0, resulting in the following reporting issues:
      • The student's score was displayed over a maximum possible points of 0 (ie 25/0)
      • The percentage grade showed a 0.
      • The Score Statistics table in the View Results page was incorrect.
What to Do: We believe that corrections have been made and that these issues should no longer exist. If you use Full Credit test settings and have recently edited your tests or quizzes, please check your settings to ensure they were not changed. Again, please contact us at help@labyrinthelab.com if you experience any irregularities related to these or other issues.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Labyrinth eLab Announces Expanded Support Hours

As of August 30th, 2011, Labyrinth Learning's eLab Technical Support team provides live telephone support from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. E-mail support coverage has also been expanded to cover from 8:00 AM Eastern time to 12:00 midnight. This change is meant to better serve our customers and partners on the west coast..

For self help resources please visit the FAQ page on the Labyrinth Learning eLab homepage at: http://www.labyrinthelab.com

To ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements for eLab, please visit the System Check utility. A link to this tool can be found after logging in to your eLab account. The link is located on the left hand menu under the "Help" section.

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