Tuesday, June 3, 2014

eLab Upgrade June 2014

New Feature: Add multiple assignments from the library at the same time
This new feature allows instructors to select up to 25 assignments at a time from the library to add to their course. There is also an option to apply global settings to all of the selected assignments. Instructors will be asked if they want to make edits to the assignments (i.e., the due dates). Choosing Yes takes the user to the first selected assignment for editing, and then clicking Save & Next moves the user through the remaining selected assignments.

New Feature: Simultaneously edit assignments
This new feature allows instructors to select multiple assignments and make edits that will apply to all of them (i.e., changing the assignment type, maximum point allotment, due date, and more).

New Feature: Visual Notification of Ungraded Assignment Resubmissions
This new feature adds an asterisk next to the current grade as notification to both student and instructor that there is an ungraded resubmission. Prior to this feature, if a student resubmitted an assignment, their grade for the existing submission was displayed for the assignment and in the gradebook, with no visual cue that there was an ungraded resubmission and that the current grade could change.

New Feature: Access the Concepts Review Quizzes from the Student Test Page
This new feature allows students to access the Concepts Review Quizzes from both the content area and the student test page. The quizzes will remain available in the content area, since they are designed to be part of the training content. Due to instructor feedback, the quizzes are now also available from the test area, so students can easily access them from either place. Upon course set up, the quizzes will automatically be populated on the student test page. There will be no option for instructors to set a required access point for the quizzes.

New Feature: Hide category averages in the student gradebook
This feature allows instructors to display or hide the individual category averages in the student gradebook. The option to display or hide the final course grade in the student gradebook remains unchanged.

Enhancement: Change the test availability window for individual students
This enhancement allows instructors to change the full test availability window (date available and due) for individual students, as is currently available for assignments. Instructors can use the Change Availability Window link in the test information section for specific students, which will continue to display the start and end dates for the entire class as well as for that individual student.

Update: Ability to use dashes and periods in eLab elements
Instructors may now use dashes and periods in the name of tests, assignments, and custom gradebook columns. The following special characters remain not allowed: “ ‚ ' ~ % ^ = [ ] \ { } | < >