Tuesday, March 12, 2013

eLab – Project Grading Coming March 13

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming availability of automatically graded, project-based assessments for your Office 2010 courses. Future Office 2013 titles will have similar assessments.

Project Grader exercises are available for the following titles:

MS Office 2010: Brief
MS Office 2010: Essentials
MS Office 2010: Comprehensive Introductory
MS Word 2010: Comprehensive
MS Excel 2010: Comprehensive
MS PowerPoint 2010: Essentials
MS Access 2010: Essentials

Beginning Wednesday, March 13, you will be able to access Project Grader exercises through your eLab™ assignment library. All project grader exercises will include an icon  Project Grader Icon  in the assignment title. In addition to the settings for standard assignments, project grader exercises will include the following options:
  • Point Value. You can set a point value for each step in the exercise.
  • Partial Credit Scoring. You have the option to provide partial credit for steps having multiple tasks.
All other fields are the same as when setting up other eLab assignments. Students access and submit Project Grader assignments just like they do all other eLab assignments. The only difference is that in Project Grader assignments, students will always download at least one file. Once submitted, projects are automatically graded and detailed feedback can be provided directly to the student.

To explore the new assignments, login in to your eLab account at http://labyrinthelab.com/ beginning Wednesday, March 13. And for a live demo of this new functionality, sign up for one of our upcoming eLab instructor workshops at www.lablearning.com/webinars.

- Best regards from Labyrinth Learning

Monday, March 11, 2013

Adobe FLASH Player Issues with Videos and Simulations

A new concern has arisen where a student may encounter a "you need to have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed" message upon clicking on a video or Simulation question in eLab.   The message may appear randomly at times even though the computer being used appears to have all the latest software updates available.

If the above scenario is encountered, the problem may be that you are running Microsoft Windows 64-bit edition and are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 64 bit Edition web browser but have installed the 32-bit version of the Adobe Flash Player.  Unfortunately, Adobe.com does not verify which web browser bit version you are using when you go to download Adobe Flash Player so the possibility of downloading the incorrect bit version is high.

The issue can be easily resolved by installing the 64 bit version of Flash Player. Please follow the link below for a step-by-step guide in installing the 64 bit flash player version on 64 bit Microsoft Windows computer: