Monday, November 14, 2016

New eLab Students User Guide

The new eLab Students User Guide is what you need to stay on top of your coursework!

Based on feedback from all our users, we have updated our Student Guide to the latest version of eLab.

So what’s new?
  • A condensed list of four-five key things you need before you start working in eLab.
  • Expanded coverage of eLab functionality including homework and projects, resubmissions on tests and assignments, simulations questions, trial software and accessing your ebook.
  • Actual screenshots for each eLab functionality to match with what you see in eLab.
You can access the latest guide from either the User Guide link in your eLab course page or “Get Started Students” section on the eLab home page.

We thank all contributors, that is our students and educators, who help us improve the eLab experience every day.

Download your copy today!

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Unknown said...

Is there a mobile app?